"Leap and the net will appear"
Here are some pictures of my family and extended family!   Many are from my wedding on June 19th 2010 to the love of my life Becca Strand (Kloha), but isn't that always the easiest place to get good family photos?!
My wife and me with our families...  All decked out for the wedding! 
I am singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"  As if I didn't sing enough Frankie Valli stuff!  My friend Ryan Ratliff who wrote arrangements for a tribute show had his charts with him and told the band to play it, so I HAD to sing it!
My family and I the night before my wedding!
My wife and I at The Foundry in Queens... If you are getting married this is a good place to do it!  AND its in Queens!  Go Queens!!!
Our Kitties!!  Webster and The Bear... Webster is the brown and white one and The Bear is the black one.
It's our street!! (proven by the sign at the top of the picture)  This was in Galveston when I was visiting Becca who was doing Curtains at Houston TUTS and Paper Mill Playhouse.

Alright... One last picture from my getting-more-and-more-distant past....